Our brand is all about showing off the beauty in every girl! We are looking for girls being themselves, whether outside playing in the mud or helping mom make cupcakes. The best photos will be girls doing something they love to do. It's important to us that our reps truly represent our brand. Different is good. We love action shots and silly faces. Girls of all colors, ages, sizes and abilities! Show us what ya got!


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Reps contract will be for a four (4) month period. The schedule is as follows:

January 1st - Rep search begins.

January  10th - Reps are notified and contracts are signed which includes a photo release agreement.

Janury 15th - Reps contract begins (Jan 15th - April 15th)

April 1st - Rep search begins.

April 10th - Reps are notified and contracts are signed.

April 15th - Reps contract begins ( April 15th - July 15th)

July 1st - Rep search begins.

July 10th - Reps are notified and contracts are signed which includes a photo release agreement.

July 15th - Reps contract begins (July 15th - Oct 15th)

October 1st - Rep search begins.

October 10th - Reps are notified and contracts are signed which includes a photo release agreement.

October 15th - Reps contract begins ( October 15th - January 15th)

Reps will receive free items at least four (4) times during a four (4) month term plus a  20% discount on any orders placed during that time.


The first month we'll send you a rep code for a $20 credit to the online store (you'll need to pay for shipping each order). You can select whatever you want, that way we know the products are reflective of your daughter's style. If you meet all the requirements listed below you'll receive a $25 rep code the second month, a $30 rep code the third month and a $35 rep code the fourth month. If you go beyond the requirements, for example: sharing, posting, sending more photos, commenting, etc.  You will get a cash bonus of up to $50 at the end of the term depending on the results of your posts. 

Reps must send photos of all products modeled to Girls Outside the Box. We will email you once we receive them and give the go ahead to post. We ask that turn around time be within 7 business days from using the rep code. If for some reason you're unable to do this, we ask that you communicate with us via email. 

We require photos of all items sent to you. 

Reps must post photos wearing our products on their Insta and Facebook accounts tagging @girlsoutsidethebox and #girlsoutsidethebox

Photos must be of equal quality to the photos used to enter the contest. The products provided must be clear in the photos. The higher the quality, the better they will appear on our social media, website and any other form of advertising. We love DIFFERENT! Catch her laughing, making a face or get the picture! 

You'll be required  to repost info about specials or announcing sales provided by Girls Outside the Box on your social media accounts.

If interested please complete the contact form below and upload a photo. If you have any questions you can contact us at 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Jewelry not intended for use by children under three. Have small parts, or produce small parts when broken and can
be a choking hazard.

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