Volunteer Agreement

  • I understand this is a commitment and will treat the position accordingly. 

  • If unable to assist in an event I'm scheduled for, I'll give advance notice so a replacement can be found in a timely manner.

  • I'll only share age-appropriate experiences.

  • When interacting with the public I'll represent GOB with a positive attitude.

  • My phone will be turned off during any activities or events unless I have pre-approval prior to the event.

  • I'll arrive prepared to work and have fun.

  • My focus will be on having positive interaction with the girls while I'm volunteering.

  • I will arrive on time. If I'm running late I will notify GOB.

  • I'll use my best judgment and dress appropriately. I understand that younger girls are influenced by how I dress.

  • I'm responsible for tracking my hours. I'll make sure GOB signs off on my hours.

  • I understand GOB wants me to try my best. They understand I'm going to make mistakes and that's OK. 

  • I'll ask questions when I don't know the answers.

  • I understand GOB respects my opinions and views. If I have a suggestion or idea I agree to share it.

  • I agree to do my best to be a positive role model. I understand how I talk, dress and interact with the girls is a reflection on myself as well as GOB. 

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Jewelry not intended for use by children under three. Have small parts, or produce small parts when broken and can be a choking hazard.